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The Kingsport Lifesaving Crew was created in the fall of 1947 as an Independent, all Volunteer Organization. KLSC was the first Volunteer Rescue Squad in the state of Tennessee.

KLSC was created to render aid during emergencies such as, Drownings, Electrical Shock, Traffic and Industrial Accidents, Smoke and Gas Suffocations, Catastrophes and other Major Disasters. All members had to possess qualifications enabling them to pass courses in First Aid and Lifesaving along with the handling of special Equipment. The first Emergency Call Out for this new Organization came on October 18, 1947.

A fundraising campaign was used to fund the purchase of essential lifesaving equipment by the new Organization. This same method continues today as the means of purchasing and maintaining equipment and supplies as well as training all members.

Today, Kingsport Lifesaving is dispatched on all calls involving:

  • Any Rescue related call
  • Motor vehicle accident with injuries
  • Structure Fires
  • Industrial or Construction Accidents
  • Structural Collapse
  • Trench Rescue
  • Confined Space Rescue
  • Swift Water Rescue/or Drowning
  • High Angle Rescue
  • Cave Rescue
  • Remote Area Rescue

In Addition* to First Responder on Echo type calls such as:

  1. Cardiac Arrest
  2. Respirator Arrest
  3. Airway Obstructions
  4. Multiple Patients
  • Back Up to VFD First Responders on Medical Calls in County
  • At Request of any Responding Agency or Dispatch Center
  • Any Call Dispatch determines the Equipment/Service of KLSC is needed


Kingsport Life Saving Crew responds to any and all emergencies within Sullivan County that the team is requested. The individual teams that make up the KLSC Special Teams are High Angle/Confined Space Team, the Trench/Structural Collapse Team and the Water Rescue Team. The special teams at Kingsport Life Saving Crew are also members of the Tennessee Homeland Security District 1 Urban Search and Rescue Team (USAR). The USAR equipment is stored in a 53' enclosed trailer with a 30' enclosed trailer set up for logistical supplies.

High Angle/ Confined Space Team

High Angle/ Confined Space Team

The High Angle/Confined Space team rescues of any person that is in a high angle or requiring vertical movement or within an OSHA defined Confined Space environment.

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Trench/ Structural Collapse

Trench/ Structural Collapse

The trench/ structural collapse team operates in situations that include location and removal of victims in an underground collapse involving trenches or excavations.

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Water Rescue

Water Rescue

The water/ dive rescue team responds to any water related search, rescue, or recovery, and provides specialized training and equipment to safely accomplish the tasks.

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Sullivan County Volunteer Firemans Association

Sullivan County EMS

Tennessee Association of Rescue Squads

United Way of Greater Kingsport

Kingsport Fire Department

Sullivan County Dept. of Emergency Management

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